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Penis confessions

Penis envy. I've always been far less than convinced that we women actually suffer from such an amputation. After all that  “dangling thingy” can also be quite silly, if not downright ridiculous. It has a sense and sensibility all its own... and a rather tall opinion of itself! One thing is certain: it takes poorly to derision!

Perhaps for this very reason I figured it was the case to defuse some tension... and the various authors indulged me with all manner of bizarre and original texts: the penis can be finicky, leftwing or rightwing, gay, immigrant, stressed by fatherhood and even the object of study by aliens.

And so the show cheerfully becomes a song of liberation for this male appendage in the midst of an identity crisis.

The tone is openly ironic, in keeping with the mood of our “peniatrician” who eagerly guides us along the journey, affirming that the situation is dramatic, but not serious enough to lose ones smile... because the craziest things can and DO happen!

Gioele Dix
Ugo Dighero
Francesco Feletti
Augusto Fornari
Sergio Lucchetti
Neri Marcorè
Francesco Paolantoni
Nestor Saied
Mauro Pirovano
Massimo Reale
Tita Ruggieri
Paolo Aleandri
Valentina Capecci
Antonio Cecchi
Ugo Dighero
Giancarlo Dimaggio
Daniele Falleri
Giuseppe Furno
Gianni Gatti
Josè Montero
Alberto Taraglio
Lamberto Tassinar
Gianmario Feletti e Teatro Dei Satiri
Set and costume designer
Donatella Cianchetti
Paolo Perna
Anna Di Francisca
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