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"La vie est un grand spectacle! Il suffit d'ouvrir les yeux pour l'observer."

Les vacances de M. Hulot (Jacques Tati)



A woman in her forties , Sofia , lives in the mountains , isolated from the world, where even internet connections are difficult . She manages an old farmhouse , located at the highest point , outside the town , transformed into an agritourism, and takes care of his cows, as well as his herbs and his milk. She decided to renovate that place , inherited from his parents, and then convert it into a place to welcome tourists who arrive there from all over the place , looking for peace but also for unmissable flavors. One day a man shows up, a “foreigner ” from a well-known international telephone company, who believes that the ideal space to place a repeater that will bring progress not only to Sofia but to the whole area, breaking a natural and familiar equilibrium . How to make ancient customs , recipes and silences coexist with an inevitable approach to new technologies that can improve our lives?

Evelyne tra le nuvole
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