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"Our Home" (Casa Nostra) was born from a desire to portray the elderly in unconventional manner, avoiding the clichéd and often pathetic language one normally encounters in works dealing with the so-called marginalized categories.

For this reason a retirement home seemed like the ideal place for a discussion with and about the elderly.

I lived ten days at the Vittorio Emanuele II Institute of Cagliari, asking the guests to tell me all about life there at the home, their dreams, the events marking their days, etc. The recorded material yielded six scripts for so many episodes enacted by the self-same seniors as well as the sisters working at the Institute who benevolently and generously offered to participate.

The only professional among them was Benito Urgu, a fundamental presence, sidekick/straight man for the elderly, as well as an extraordinary actor in his own right.

The memories, the dreams, the romantic ravings, the daily rituals... with "The Bold and the Beautiful" having enough pull to interrupt prayers, and, come evening, in the dormitories, pre-sleep Rosary contests!... These and other moments showing the ups and downs and ins and outs of the "Our Home" protagonists.

Our home


Italian title




Story and screenplay

Direction of photografy

Sound engineering






Our home

Casa nostra

1991 (six 30' episodes)

Rai of Cagliari


Anna Di Francisca and Alberto Taraglio

Giorgio Trincas

Aldo Usai

Roberto De Martis

Sandro Fois

Anna Di Francisca

Benito Urgu and the guests of the Vittorio Emanuele II Retirement Home

Women's Festival in Florence,

Special Event at Umbria fiction,

sole Italian finalist at the Prix Europa Berlin '92, 

selected for Input '93 Bristol



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